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Here's What They Say About Us

Chris Eldridge, The Punch Brothers, Grammy Award Winner

"Megan is a great, incisive teacher who has helped me work through some longtime vocal issues. I’m very grateful to have found her!"

Peet Montzingo, 5West

“I think Megan is, hands down, one of the TOP local coaches in Nashville.” 


"Very personal in her approach, tailors her lessons to my needs, left me with great material to work with after just a consultation and I already hear the results. And I can tell she’s VERY competent and experienced."

Light City Lights 

“Vocal coaching at M.E.T. Studio of Voice has been the best voice training I have ever received. I have taken voice lessons in the past with little success. Megan has been the only coach to teach me the proper technique as well as develop my own personal sound and style. Highly recommend!”"

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