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Do you feel stuck? Have you lost high notes that used to always be there? Does your voice sound raspy most of the time? Does your voice tire quickly? Have you struggled with having the courage to sing? Is your voice causing you to feel less than 100% confident? This doesn't have to be the end of your story. We can help you get your voice AND confidence back, better than ever. We specialize in:


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Here's What They Say About Us

Chris Eldridge, The Punch Brothers, Grammy Award Winner

"Megan is a great, incisive teacher who has helped me work through some longtime vocal issues. I’m very grateful to have found her!"

Peet Montzingo, 5West

“I think Megan is, hands down, one of the TOP local coaches in Nashville.” 


"Very personal in her approach, tailors her lessons to my needs, left me with great material to work with after just a consultation and I already hear the results. And I can tell she’s VERY competent and experienced."

Light City Lights 

“Vocal coaching at M.E.T. Studio of Voice has been the best voice training I have ever received. I have taken voice lessons in the past with little success. Megan has been the only coach to teach me the proper technique as well as develop my own personal sound and style. Highly recommend!”"

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Megan Eyre Terwilliger

Owner & Instructor

While some coaches focus on putting “band-aids” on vocal challenges, she works with each client to build a strong and lasting vocal instrument.

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Catherine K. Brown


Catherine K. Brown is a voice teacher based in Downingtown (Chester County), Pennsylvania. As a teacher, she is passionate about the human voice and enjoys helping her students explore ways to express themselves more fully. 

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Stav German


Stav German Is a voice teacher, certified as the first CVT teacher in New York. She has taught singing and music to children and adults ages 6-90 years old in different musical styles and levels of experience, privately and in groups.

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Nathaniel Paul


Whether it's performing in a choir, preparing for auditions, or singing for recreational purposes, Nate is thrilled to help anyone who is ready to attain the full measure of their singing potential!

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Rachel Nyetam


Rachel’s goal with each singer is to develop their confidence in the instrument, allowing each voice greater access to a wide variety of sounds, therefore, increasing the ability for artistic expression.

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Marlayna Maynard


Dr. Marlayna Maynard has over fifteen years of experience teaching adults and children in a variety of settings.

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