M.E.T. Seminar 

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For all current and former students in M.E.T. Studio of Voice, click the link below to register for our monthly seminar!


Do you have questions about singing, music, and performing that you just don't always get to in your 1-on-1 lesson? Seminar is where you can get answers to all your singing questions.


This is where you can hear the entire team teach, discuss, and explore ALL things singing! From extended technique (i.e., screaming, etc.) to vocal health, to performance skills, we give you the information you need to improve your singing. 

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By joining the M.E.T. Studio Seminar, you'll get:

  • Access to the ENTIRE team of coaches in the studio

  • More teaching on singing topics

  • The chance to practice new techniques (never required)

  • The opportunity to watch and listen while others experiment with new singing skills

  • Unlimited Q&A about ALL things singing!

Hurry up and join here for just $5 a month!