What You Need to Know to Slay Your Recital Performance

Timeline for Recital Prep

Below is a timeline for your recital prep. It's ok if we're too close to the recital to follow this guide exactly. Consult with your teacher about where you currently are in the process and what still needs to be done to get fully prepared.

If you're already working this timeline process, scroll down to learn about preparing your recital performance space.

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: proper preparation does not mean you will not be nervous.

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5-6 months before recital:

  • Commit to performing in the recital, just do it!
  • Begin working on potential recital selections.

4-5 months before recital:

  • Keep working on those same selections while working on technique and enjoying improvement.

3 months before recital:

  • Pick a song to sing in the recital!
  • Memorize the song.
  • Continue learning other music and building vocal skills.

2 months before recital:

  • Make sure that recital piece is memorized!
  • Tell your friends and family about the recital and ask them to attend!

1 month before recital:

  • Practice your recital piece in front of friends or people who will make you a little nervous, to allow yourself the chance to work through some performance anxiety (This is a hard step, and you will not regret working through it!).
  • Work and decide on character and performance choices.

2 weeks before recital

  • Remind those you’ve invited about the recital!
  • Decide what you’re going to wear for your performance.
  • Decide on where you’re going to perform for the recital. Consider details like, lighting, camera angle, and having appropriate space to move for your performance, if necessary.
  • In your lesson, practice in the performance space to get used to it. Make changes if necessary.

1 week before recital:

  • Remind your friends about the recital! 
  • Keep singing.
  • Think about hydrating this week so that you’re super fresh for the recital.

1 day before recital:

  • Make sure your outfit is ready!
  • Sing.
  • Enjoy all your preparation.
  • Keep hydrating, eat some carbs.

Day of recital!:

  • Do NOT overhydrate.
  • Warmup and sing through your recital piece once or twice, or maybe even sing only through the tricky sections.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get dressed and into your recital space.


                          Online Performance Space

                 For details on how to prepare your online performance space, watch this video.


You can do this, the recital is getting closer!