Reviews & Testimonials

Chris Eldridge

The Punch Brothers - Grammy Award Winner

Megan is a great, incisive teacher who has helped me work through some longtime vocal issues. I’m very grateful to have found her! 

Charlie McNeal 

Professional Singer 

I’ve been taking lessons with her for about a month now. I have already seen improvement. She has taught me how to properly warm up and warm down, steps to take care of my voice while I’m not singing, and worked on specific songs with me note for note to make sure the song fits my voice. She is great to work with and I highly recommend! 

Adam Bahadursingh

Light City Lights

Vocal coaching at M.E.T. Studio of Voice has been the best voice training I have ever received. I have taken voice lessons in the past with little success. Megan has been the only coach to teach me the proper technique as well as develop my own personal sound and style. Highly recommend! 



Professor & Speaker

I have been taking lessons with Megan for close to three years. As a professor, I spend a good portion of my day speaking and lecturing. Since starting my lessons, I have noticed a dramatic improvement with my voice, I have learned skills and technique to keep my voice healthy from fatigue and I have expanded my vocal range. I would highly recommend M.E.T vocal coaching for anyone who wants to maintain flexibility and longevity in their singing. 


Professional Singer

Very personal in her approach, tailors her lessons to my needs, left me with great material to work with after just a consultation and I already hear the results. And I can tell she’s VERY competent and experienced.


Film Director 

Megan has been a fantastic vocal coach for me. She understands a wide range of singing styles and adapts her coaching to meet my goals. I’ve found the work I do with her benefiting other areas of my life as well. She uses singing as a way to unlock my creative potential as an artist. 


Professional Speaker

Megan is wonderful. I have Muscle Tension Dysphonia, and my speech therapist suggested I try singing lessons. Megan understands my condition and is working with me to use my voice in a healthy manner. Megan has a great attitude and is so supportive. She makes me feel at ease as I venture into this new world of singing. It is really exciting to work with someone who is even more excited than you about your progress. I look forward to the future where I am able to speak and not experience discomfort AND also be able to sing. 


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