Mix Technique

Does your singing voice have a massive crack in it, just as the low range is transitioning into the high range? That crack – or break – is the total pits, and you can learn about your voice and how to strengthen and navigate that part of the range so the crack disappears. Doing this will help to develop your “mix” technique. Mixing is the popular term for when we sing in the middle of the vocal range.

Developing mix begins with a solid vocal warmup. If you have never warmed up your voice or are looking to change it up, you can visit our YouTube to try out these vocal exercises.

Second, understanding the style of the music you’re singing is also essential in using a mix technique, because developing your vocal mix is all about percentages. In the voice, there is the higher part of the range (upper register) and the lower part of the range (lower register). In the middle of the range, both of those registers are used – this is your mixing voice. Depending on what you’re singing and how you’re singing, a different percentage of both registers is used to make the mix. Some styles call for more lower register while others need more upper register.

Getting the voice warmed up and learning about and understanding vocal styles is essential to developing your mix technique.

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