Vocal Range

expand range vocal range

Isn’t it fun to think about having the widest singing range ever? Like a Mariah Carey kind of range???

How wide is your range? Where in your range do you get stuck? Perhaps you’re singing a siren and then you feel like somewhere your voice hits a roof and can’t go any higher, and then your voice tightens up. 

This is a common experience, and it’s something you can overcome with awareness and careful navigation. The voice is like a teeter-totter, some muscles are primarily responsible for higher notes (upper register) and other muscles are primarily responsible for lower notes (lower register). Isolating, strengthening, and conditioning those muscles is essential for expanding the vocal range. 

How do we do this? Careful vocal warmups (can be found here) which build the middle of the range. You will not be able to sing to either end of your vocal range if the middle isn’t balanced. An effective warmup regiment establishes equilibrium in the part of the vocal range in which we spend most of our time singing.

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